Basic Workplace Norwegian A2

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Level up your language skills for the Norwegian workplace!

Do you want to master the Norwegian language, understand the nuances of the Norwegian workplace and integrate yourself deeper into the local culture? If so, this is the perfect course for you.

Sponsored by the Norwegian immigration authorities, and developed in collaboration with Fagnorsk author Gunnhild Aakervik and Lingu, this course is designed specifically for the working environment. It includes access to digital learning resource designed especially for its purpose. It is a comprehensive language course based on the book Basisnorsk for arbeidslivet ("Basic Norwegian for Worklife") which includes thy key to Norwegian workplace everyday situations and additional resources for specific industries.

This course is uniquely designed to help you:

  • achieve the competency goals of the Norwegian curriculum at the A2 level
  • enhance your written and verbal communication skills in Norwegian
  • gain a better understanding of language use, rules and norms in the Norwegian workplace

With the help of advanced AI technology, the course provides personalised, real-time guidance for written and spoken Norwegian. You'll receive immediate feedback and subsequent detailed teacher feedback, ensuring a highly efficient and engaging learning experience.

Moreover, this course will strengthen practical communication skills for the workplace. Gaining essential phrases and useful vocabulary, you'll learn how to actively participate in and adapt to new workplaces.

This course will not only help you master your language skills ahead of the Norskprøven but will also provide relevant tasks for social integration and everyday life in Norway. It is a really beneficial course for anyone who works or plans to work in Norway, regardless of whether they want to take the test.


Course Structure

This flexible blended learning course is delivered online and combines self-guided and teacher-led learning activities. The course is structured as follows:

  • Application and digital placement test
  • Phone interview and offer of a grant-funded course place
  • Acceptance of offer and self-declaration
  • Participation in the course
  • Final level test upon completion
  • Course completion certificate


Teaching Methods

The learning program incorporates multiple teaching methods, including:

  • Teacher-led online lessons in groups over 80 hours
  • Guidance sessions with teachers
  • Access to the book 'Basisnorsk for Arbeidslivet', with real-time feedback on pronunciation and written tasks
  • digital writing training tools used together with the class
  • Access to Lungu's A2-level , Samaneh's Reise Self-Study course material


Who Can Apply?

This course is designed for adult immigrants who have exhausted their rights to training under the introduction or integration law or who do not have the right to free training. You are advised to have completed an A1-level Norwegian course before you take this course. 


How Do I Apply?

Submit your application along with a digital placement test. We evaluate applications based on a range of criteria, including employment situation, digital skills and motivation to learn.

Don't miss this excellent opportunity to improve your language skills and broaden your horizons in the Norwegian workplace. Apply today for the chance to grow, adapt and succeed in Norway!

Remember that this course is sponsored by the Norwegian immigration authorities and that this is your golden ticket to mastering Norwegian language skills for free!


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    Solveig Rystad

    Gunnhild  Aakervik

    Gunnhild Aakervik

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