Private lessons in Norwegian (subscription)

Book a private course in Norwegian language, with easy monthly instalments!

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How the subscription course works

If you have already had an assessment lesson with your teacher, you probably have a good idea about the class structure and benefits. 

The main difference between subscription courses and the course packages, are that the subscription will renew automatically, allowing you to continue the course for as long as you want.



You will create your own schedule together with your teacher. Depending on your chosen plan the lessons may take place either during the day or varying between mornings and evenings.

  • Daytime: 08 – 16 Monday – Thursday
  • Flexible time: 08 - 20 Monday - Thursday and 08 - 16 Friday


Special terms for subscription courses:

  • If you have not completed all your prepaid classes at the end of the billing period, the remaining classes will be moved to the next month. The classes will remain valid for 6 months after your last payment.
  • You can pause your subscription for 30 days if you wish to take a break. The subscription will reactivate automatically after this period, and you can continue the course again.
  • To register for the subsription course, you need to enter a credit card. The card will be saved and used for future charges.
  • Canceling your subscription will take effect as of the next renewal date. Once the plan has been renewed for another month, it is too late to cancel.

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Pay per month
4 hours
SUBSCRIPTION 4 hours/month - daytime
2500,00 kr
per month
4 hours
SUBSCRIPTION 4 hours/month - flexible time
3300,00 kr
per month
6 hours
SUBSCRIPTION 6 hours/month - daytime
3750,00 kr
per month
8 hours
SUBSCRIPTION 8 hours/month - daytime
4950,00 kr
per month
6 hours
SUBSCRIPTION 6 hours/month - flexible time
4980,00 kr
per month
8 hours
SUBSCRIPTION 8 hours/month - flexible time
6600,00 kr
per month
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Private lessons in Norwegian (subscription)
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