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Norwegian Classroom Course

A2 Elementary level

Norwegian Classroom Course A2 is a Norwegian course suitable for anyone who wants to learn Norwegian in person, in a classroom environment. This is a blended learning course that combines classroom lessons twice a week with live online classes and e-learning materials. It also works well as an official test preparation course.

Learn Norwegian in Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger 

This course combines local instructor-led classes (Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger) with online teaching and e-learning. You will attend group classes at one of our language centres and be instructed by one of our professional and inspiring teachers, while also gaining practice and meeting new people through live online classes. This maximises your opportunities to study and enables you to improve your language skills in a range of social situations.

The hours from this course are approved for immigration purposes, such as PR or citizenship applications with UDI.



Velkommen tilbake til klasserommet!

In addition to your classes, you will also get unlimited access to fun, effective and flexible learning through our game-based e-learning platform throughout the course.

Student hat icon Expected course duration: 12 weeks per level

Hybrid learning:
(classroom + drop-in online + e-læring)

Join a group course in one of our locations: in Oslo, Bergen or Stavanger, and combine best learning techniques to achieve your goal at your pace and in your learning style.

Lingu is a professional and experienced language course provider

With over 15 years of experience in teaching Norwegian, both in-person and online, Lingu stands out as an excellent choice for those looking to learn the language quickly and flexibly.

How do I pay?

You can choose to pay monthly, or pay for the whole course up front. You will get both options in the checkout, once selecting the course of your choice.

What is included?

  •  39 hours in-house group classes
  •  72 hours drop-in online classes
  • Unlimited access to e-learning platform throughout the course.
  •  17 assignments with review and feedback from teacher

Total: 167 hours, on average up to 14 study hours per week of live classes plus unlimited self-study time as long as the course is active.

What will I learn?

This course covers all the topics and learning objectives for the A2 level, giving you everything you'll need to pass the official language exam and master the language at this level. The target skills for each level are slightly different, but all course levels will enable you to build confidence and practice your speaking, listening and writing skills.

After this A2 course, you will be able to:

  • Speaking and writing about personal matters and general topics such as family, housing and personal finance
  • Describing yourself and your surroundings, your education and your work.
  • Using basic grammatical structures and expressing desires, emotions and commitment
  • Handling situations related health, illness and disease and writing simple texts and personal letters.


The aim of this course is for you to be able to use the Norwegian language at the A2 level and to be able to pass the A2 level in the HK-dir Norwegian Exam, if this is your aim.


  • Ruben Lelivelt

    Ruben Lelivelt Lærer

  • Helene Stenhaug

    Helene Stenhaug Innholdsutvikler og forfatter av Selenas anatomi B1 og B2

NOK 2,990

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