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The world today is small! We travel farther and more often than before. Most of us work in multinational corporations, have neighbours from all corners of the world and eat globally! 
 Are you confident enough using English in all situations?

It is important for people to feel self-assured in social situations, especially when they must use a language other than their native one.
So even if you have English from primary school and perhaps have also used the language at work a few years, it will be worth your while to sign up for an English course. You’ll improve both your knowledge and your confidence in all your everyday encounters where the language is needed.  


For more than 10 years Lingu has helped hundreds of adults and a great number of children to become more confident using English. We have also helped numerous companies strengthen their employees' language skills and establish better communication across borders and departments. 

Common for all our former students is that English has not been their mother tongue, and that all of them have expressed a sincere desire to become more confident in situations where they previously haven’t felt up to par. 



Actually, everyone knows something, which means that we won’t need to start from scratch. Besides, what’s “good” for some people would be different for others. 
“Good” for you depends entirely on what you need and what your main goals are. That’s why we have several types of courses; to make sure that you can choose a course that allows you to reach your goal in the best possible way as quickly as you’d like.



  1. Online course is a course where you do self-studying using a program that evolves together with you. This type of course works well for people who are able to work independently and have study techniques in order. If this works for you then it might be a good idea to book this course! 

  2. Private lessons provide a more customized course to fit your language needs. You will have a teacher all to yourself and you’ll enjoy lessons that focus on addressing your specific challenges and get you to the finish line as swiftly as possible. If you want to get better at what matters the most at a pace that suits you, this is the course for you. 

  3. study tour to England to do some extensive language learning is of course the solution that gives you the biggest language boost in the shortest period of time. As you immerse yourself in the language and are expected to both study and interact using English, you will get a more solid understanding of the language quite rapidly. If you have the time and resources to go abroad for 1 – 8 weeks this is a great solution.



Varierte øvelser, prosentdiagram som viste progress. Tilgjengelig hele døgnet. (Nettkurs)

Vi kunne snakke fritt om alt, alle emner. Fikk bedre selvtillit med å snakke engelsk, ble tryggere på uttale. Det var gøy! (Privatundervisning)

Really joyful stay at the London School of English. Fun and learning experience let me improve my English. Very warm and heartful athmosphere. (Studietur)


The world is moving forward! We are opening doors so that you can tag along for the ride. Let's start now, so that you get further, faster and more confident than ever.


Book yourself an English course today!


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